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Blenda and her Grandchildren

Meet Blenda

The last few years of her 40-year career, Blenda helped families connect to programs to supplement their grocery budgets. She never thought she’d actually end up “on the other side” - that she would be the one in need of help.

After Blenda was unexpectedly given guardianship over her two grandchildren, Aaron and Carson, her world changed. Though working full time and drawing off her retirement savings, Blenda soon realized it wouldn’t be enough to feed two growing boys.

“During the school year I could stretch my dollars. School provided breakfast and lunch, and I only had to worry about dinner. But as that first school year was coming to an end, I grew anxious. At first I was embarrassed to ask for help. But this was beyond me. It was about my grandchildren eating and I knew I had to do whatever it took to keep them from going hungry."

Today, Blenda gives thanks she was able to enroll the boys in a summer camp program – just like the partnership between the YMCA and Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC – where the boys were provided with enrichment activities, a nutritious meal each day during the week and food to take home over the weekends.

“I was treated with dignity and my grandchildren had enough to eat. The help made all the difference for our family.”

For more information about Second Harvest Food Bank's Childhood Hunger Programs and how you can get involved, contact Daisy Rodriguez, Director of Childhood Hunger, 336.784.5770 or e-mail her.










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