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Stewardship. Accountability. Efficiency. Effectiveness. These are the values guiding Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC in the management of all food, funds and in-kind donations entrusted to us on behalf of neighbors in need across our 18-county service area.

Though these values and operational principles are meaningful to all our supporters, they are of special concern to product donors who entrust our organization to distribute brand name product through our network of partner agencies. These donors recognize that we adhere to strict food-safety standards for freshness as well as for receiving and storing products; operate refrigerated trucks that can maintain food in temperature-controlled storage; use technology to track inventory; and hold our agencies accountable to strict standards for food storage and distribution.

Based on the national wholesale value of food from an annual study performed by KPMG LLP for Feeding America, we calculate that for every $1 donated, we can distribute the equivalent of 7 nutritious meals. In 2017-2018, Second Harvest Food Bank distributedmore than 31 million meals (37.2 million pounds of food and grocery related products), much of which might otherwise would have gone to waste.

Second Harvest Food Bank is an excellent steward of donated funds. For FY 2017-2018, 97.18% of all expenses were program related - food distribution and other programs for those in need. Administrative costs accounted for only 1.08% of expenses and fundraising costs account for only 1.74% of expenses.

An electronic version of our latest audited financials is available below. A printed copy of audited financials may be obtained upon request. To request a copy, contact Lisa Richardson, Director of Finance and Operations, by phone at 336.784.5770, by
e-mail or by mail at 3655 Reed Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27107.

Audited financial statements are prepared by Dixon Hughes, an independent accounting firm. Audited financials are reviewed by Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC audit committee, finance committee, executive committee and full board of directors.  All directors are provided with a copy of the final audited financial reports.

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Second Harvest Food Bank of NWNC is proud to be recognized as a 4 Star Charity by Charity Navigator.

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