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TOGETHER, We Are Feeding Community. TOGETHER, We Can Solve Hunger.

Thousands of Northwest North Carolinians are struggling to put adequate food on the table: Despite reports of an improving economy, far too many of our neighbors are being left behind to face choices that no one should have to make. Too often, food becomes the "fall guy" when bills for other basic needs must be paid.

At Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC, we are on a mission to unite our community in the work to end hunger.

Food for Today
Our work begins with ensuring that eveyone can access the nutritious food they need to fuel for their bodies, mind and health to focus on other important concerns and challenges in their lives.

We serve as an essential resource to a network of on-the-ground, non-profit partners across 18-counties for food, flexible and scalable programs, micro grants and training to support the urgent needs and health of families and our communities. Last year, our food bank provided more than 25 million meals. These meals went to seniors, children, families and single parents, to refugees and veterans, to people who had been laid off, to people who are working and to people struggling with health issues and other challenges.

Food Security Tomorrow
We know that a myriad of circumstances interplay and impact families' ability to access and afford sufficient, healthy food. Poverty, unemployment, low wages, health issues and high costs in basic needs areas such as housing and healthcare are all potential barriers to achieving self-reliance, security and stability. In the face of this truth, we are called to work together in our communities to pioneer and support innovative solutions that support self-reliance and community strength.

Working with our network members and dedicated allies across the non-profit, private and government sectors, supported by concerned and engaged individuals like you, we believe that, together, we can solve hunger.

Feeding Futures - Fueling Young Bodies and Minds for Success

Feeding Futures

We know that no child can learn on an empty stomach or reach their full academic potential if they are not properly nourished. Together with our partner programs, local schools and supporters, we provide the nutritious meals children need to power through their days and stay focused on learning. Our childhood hunger programs are designed to reach children after school, on weekends during the school year and in the summer months. Learn more.



Feeding Opportunity - Providing Pathways to Opportunity

We know that many people in our community who struggle to put food on the table are experiencing unemployment, underemployment or other barriers to self-sufficiency. Our Triad Community Kitchen culinary school (TCK) offers a fresh start and pathway to gainful employment. Following an intensive culinary and job skills training opportunity, TCK graduates are ready to enter the workforce in the food service industry.

Selected graduates can enter TCK's paid Hospitality Residency Program, housed at Providence Restaurant and Catering. This unique social enterprise provides extended training for TCK graduates in all areas of restaurant and catering operations and revenue for TCK's culinary training program. Learn more.

TCK program partners include Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina and Forsyth Technical Community College.


Feeding Health - Connecting Hunger and Health

Feeding Health

We know that diet-related diseases disproportionately affect families experiencing food insecurity. It's not surprising, when 84% of the people receiving help through our network tell us they often choose less healthy foods in order to have enough food for the table.

At Second Harvest Food Bank, our goal is to do more than simply provide calories. Through focused efforts to provide families with access to more fresh fruits and produce and targeted outreach programs, we strive to support families and communities in caring for their health.

Our Nutrition Services Programs give families the knowledge and skills to shop for and prepare healthy, affordable meals. Our Food & Nutrition Services (FNS) Outreach work guides potentially eligible residents through the FNS application process to obtain additional resources for their family food budgets.

Feeding Change - Inspiring Action

We know that food insecurity and food access are inextricably linked with other challenges facing families and our communities. Every day, we are connecting our work with others, setting the table for the kinds of deeper dialogue and action that is necessary to create a community that is free from hunger. Learn more about this work here.

There's room at the table for everyone who believes that no one should go hungry. Your involvement is what matters most. Whether you choose to give food, time or money or to lend your voice to our cause, you will be making a meaningful difference in the life a neighbor and helping to create a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

Give Food
Give Time
Give Money

STAND FOR HOPE Against Hunger.


Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC is a proud member of Feeding America, a collaborative and coordinated network of more than 200 food banks united nationally and operating locally, serving every community in the nation.








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